The number on the scale may not be fat

The number on the scale may not be fat:In today's society, many people are health conscious, and having a scale at home is the norm.We use the scale as a measure of our weight.Especially when we're in the midst of fat loss, exaggerating to the point of weighing ourselves multiple times a day.We judge our weight loss by how much weight we lose. So does weight loss really mean less fat?



To explain this, we first need to understand what our weight consists of.In general, our weight is made up of the weight of our skeleton, the weight of our muscles, the weight of our fat, and the weight of our water.Changes in either direction can lead to fluctuations in weight.Water, meanwhile, happens to be one of the most sensitive.

Why?For example, after we exercise, the body will sweat a lot, at this time, if you weigh yourself, you will certainly find that your weight is reduced.If you eat a little salty today and eat a heavy meal, you will notice the weight gain the next day.And that's because salt, as we all know, leads to water loss, so the body gives out more water.Thus, changes in body moisture can affect body weight.

From what has been said above, we can know that losing weight does not mean losing fat.So some of these fast weight loss strategies are really just about draining water from your body and allowing you to experience weight loss, but in fact, you're not losing any fat.

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