Why Chinese cooks don't use kitchen scales

Why Chinese cooks don't use kitchen scales?Kitchen scales, we don't need them!Apprentice cooks with this.

1. It's totally unnecessary.Do a dish so many years, we have already arrived at the state of person hutch syncretic, a dish needs what material, what step, how to handle, Chinese cook bound has a standard, as to the dosage of material, I stretch out a hand to grasp, big bad not bad, practice a feel, want what kitchen scale?Moreover, the recipe is dead, people are alive, in addition to the famous dishes, usually cooking we can completely arbitrary collocation, who dare to say that the taste will be bad?

2. We are not afraid of peeping.Do you dare publish your little books?We dare to!In China, there are so many recipes that I can find dozens of ways to cook a dish if you want it.If your recipe is leaked, the boss can change cooks at any time!We don't worry about someone stealing our cooking skills!We're the rule. We make a bowl of soup. You can figure it out for a while.

3. One guest, one standard.As the saying goes: all tastes are of one mind.Western food should be treated with one taste to all the guests, no matter whether it is delicious or not.Chinese chefs adjust the amount of ingredients to each guest's taste.Try to meet the needs of every diner while the overall taste remains the same.At this point, it is more reasonable to say that western food does not respect customers.

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